Jeff Hu

Co-Founder & CEO

Blockchain Researcher / Ethereaum ERC Author
Intel AI Research Ambassador
Former JP Morgan Technology Consultant
UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab

Tina Lee

Co-Founder & CTO

Blockchain Researcher / Ethereaum ERC Author
CTF Hacker & Medium Top Writer
Former Microsoft Data & AI Associate Consultant
UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab

Ken Wong

Security Consultant

Security Expert / CTF Hacker
Holder of Offensive Security Certified Professional
Director and Organizer of CTF Competition
HKUST Cyber Security Lab

Martin Shin

Blockchain Architect

Machine Learning Practioner
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
JP Morgan Technology Analyst
Former IBM Cloud Operations Engineer

Andrew Goa


Finance Professional
Former HKEX Client Engagement Consultant
Former HSBC Global Trade and Receivables Finance Consultant

Matthew Liu

Blockchain Consultant

Hardware Researcher / CTF Hacker
Scholar of Peking Tsing Hua University

Chen Po

Blockchain Researcher

Bitcoin Researcher
Founder of Bitcoin Chinese community
ROC Academia Sinica Researcher
Master of Engineering at Peking University

Tom Lam

Advisor - Chief Economist

PhD in Economics at University of Chicago
Assistant professor at Clemson University
Network Economics and Digital Economics Professional


Advisor - Chief Strategist

PhD in Computer Science at National Taiwan University
Professor of Interactive Design at Taipei Tech University
Ambassador and Alumni at Google Singularity University
Consultant on VR/AR for the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs


Advisor - Chief Research Mentor

IEEE Fellow & ACM Distinguished Scientist
Nokia Chair in Data Science, University of Helsinki, Finland
Director, HKUST-DT Systems and Media Lab, HKUST, Hong Kong

The blockchain projects we safeguard

Based mostly in Asia, Turing Chain possesses a comprehensive mixture of aspirational and talented professionals. We possess well-recognized educational backgrounds and industrial connections worldwide.


A digital asset that allows users to support movie productions and reap rewards from box office revenues.
Services provided:

A real-time news misinformation analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence and assigns credibility scores.
Services provided:

Collaboration: VMFive

A secure multi-layer smart contract architecture for automatic crowd funding system.
Services provided:

Hong Ying Club

A casino league for blockchain entertainment industry that converts physical chips to digital assets. Services provided:

Ongoing blockchain research


TSSKit automatically selects the appropriate Threshold Signature Scheme based on a set of options required by the secret sharing needs of each application.


Smart Contract Honeypots

Research and workshops about Contract Honeypots, which leverage obvious false loopholes to anti-hackers via fund draining.


eCoupon Ecosystem

The Neon Network is a heuristic eCoupon framework on blockchain for digital ticket market and fraudulent surpression.


International Awards

0x1 Academy

0x1 Academy is the first blockchain in-class and online courses delivered in Chinese. Several successful govermental and institutional programs have taken place in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Government Agencies



Risk Redistribution Research

An architecture aiming at solving cryptocurrency adoption, consisting of a collection of smart contracts transfering fluction risks from merchants and customers back to the cryptocurrency issuer.



Atomic Swap

A Cross-chain Token Swaping framework for Bitcoin and Ethereum, either direction.

International Awards



A blockchain-based card collection game empowered by TRON. This open source project has huge initial tractions in Japan.

International Awards


Dragon Gate Poker

A blockchain-based game powered by the EOS Blockchain. It is one of the first to support multi-player and verifiable true random number generation on EOS.


Self Token

Self Token is a digital asset that enables users to support movie productions and reap rewards from box office revenues.



A real-time news misinformation analysis tool that uses artificial intelligence and credibility system in a token economy .

International Awards


AML/KYC Consortium Blockchain

A consortium blockchain for cross-bank solutions, which involves cost effective AML/KYC and customer onboarding frameworks, behaviour analytics, and transaction trackings.

International Awards


Top-10 Smart Contract Exploits

A detailed walk through of the DASP top 10 exploits on smart contracts, with over 1.6 billion USD loss along the past 10 years of blockchain history.


Media Exposure

MIT Technology Review

首部华语区块链电影来了,你会想看吗? 为什么电影行业对区块链感兴趣... 2018-08-16


電影,常常是人類闡述對於未來科技想像的一種方式,在人工智慧又變成流行詞之前,已有眾多電影... 2018-08-19

BlockTempo 動區動趨

於今日8月22日記者會中,娛樂新創公司「SELFPICK」正式宣布,將開拍亞洲首創的區塊鏈概念電影... 2018-08-22


SELF Dapp 合作开发者胡耀杰和李婷婷都是香港科技大学的高材生,胡耀杰曾获香港 Microsoft... 2018-08-16

Week in Ethereum News

Governance and Standards ERC1856: risk redistribution for stable payment... 2018-11-16


이날 인터파크 방문은 업타운서울 김성은 대표, 이형석 컨설턴트의 인솔로 NeoNet사의 제프 후(JEFF HU)... 2018-11-16

HKUST Entrepreneurship Center

HKUST student team has been awarded the 1st Runners-up in the "Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Hong Kong”... 2017-05-19


竹中蘇云均、周致均、朱家立、黃功詳、胡耀傑等5人滿級分,蘇計畫唸台大醫學院,周目標是台大電機系,朱、黃、胡3人則選香港科技大學... 2014-02-14


Jeff:如果說網際網路取代了信鴿與驛站,為人類文明帶來資訊的瞬時傳遞。那麼區塊鏈到來,則昇華價值的傳遞速率外,創造另一種價值永恆的存儲。 2019-02


徐嘉凱解釋道,SELF 所要做到的是能讓支持電影的行動可以被量化,過去大家都會喊著支持國片... 2018-08-14


台灣來港留學生胡耀傑直言,美國的實習經歷,讓他可以將醫療數據整合在Google Glass... 2016-08-31


胡耀傑同學實習於美國矽谷的Augmedix公司,他們與Google Glass合作,使醫護人員能提供更高質素的服務... 2016-08-30


胡耀傑指,身處矽谷,除了解最新科技資訊外,亦增加了他對創業的體驗,因即使如Augmedix的初創公司,估計亦需兩年才能收支平衡... 2016-08-31


於美國矽谷實習的學生胡耀傑稱,矽谷的初創氛圍令他大開眼界,亦激發他有意投身創業行列... 2016-08-31

Mark BTC

SELF Dapp 合作開發者胡耀杰和李婷婷都是香港科技大學的高材生,胡耀傑曾獲香港Microsoft Imagine Cup 亞軍及... 2018-08-19